Terms and conditions of using Siconomy


This regulation (hereinafter: the Regulation) contains the terms and conditions of using the services (hereinafter: Services) available on siconomy.com (hereinafter: the Page ), created and maintained by Siconomy Systems SRL (hereinafter: the Company ) .

The updated regulation is uploaded by the Company and accessible on the Page, free of charge, and the Company reserves the right to modify the Regulation.

According to the Regulation, any legal entity that registers on the Page, in order to upload ads with products / services / jobs, is considered a user (hereinafter: User). By using the Services the User accepts the Regulation as obligatory.

According to the Regulation, any natural person who only views and browses the Page is considered a Visitor, without any obligation to register.

By using the Services, an online contract between the User and the Company is automatically concluded, having the terms of this Regulation. The language of the contract can be: Romanian, Hungarian, German or English. The contract is not registered by the Company, its existence can be proved by the online data given by the user.

The Company will do everything in its power to make the Page and the Services available 24 hours a day, but cannot guarantee this absolutely. The Company is not responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by events not attributable to the Company such as technical interruptions or digital attacks (malware) coming from third parties.

All the elements, structure and concept of the Page are under the protection of intellectual rights. All intellectual rights are the property of the Company, so copying and unauthorized use by third parties, especially for commercial purposes, is prohibited.

The Company is entitled to unilaterally modify the content and structure of the Page and to verify the data traffic. The Company will notify the User by e-mail of any updates and changes.



Ads can be uploaded to the Page exclusively through a user account. Only legal entities registered or active in the counties of Harghita, Covasna, Mureș counties and certain areas of Brașov county can be registered. During registration three categories and the following subcategories are available:


·    Small companies: freelancers (PFA), individual enterprises (Ξ.I.) and family businesses (Ξ.F.) 

·    Medium and large companies: limited companies (SRL), stock companies (SA), collective companies.

·    Organizations: associations, foundations, cults, parties, cooperatives, public institutions, coownerships.

After the category and subcategory, the main domains of activity need to be marked, then the geographical area where the headquarters or the unit is located. Based on this, the system will identify the county and provide the full list of the municipalities. This is followed by filling in the company data and choosing the desired package.

The User or, at the User's request, the Company will create a unique account which must be confirmed from the User's email account. The Siconomy account will be accessible after confirming the registration by e-mail , and entering the e-mail address and password in the Page’s login section.

It is forbidden to create fake accounts! Fake user means a person who misuses the data of other legal entities or provides invented data. The Company reserves the right to delete the account and notifies the authorities.

The User can initiate the deletion of the account at any time, and thus the online contract will be terminated. In this case, the User accepts that the Company cannot be obliged to store the ads uploaded by the User and may delete them.

The Company will automatically suspend the User's account if the contract reaches the due date, but will reactivate it automatically in case of renewal. The Company also has the right to suspend the User's account if it violates the Regulations. The suspension is valid during the investigation carried out by the Company, and may lead to the deletion of the account, depending on the gravity of the situation.

In these cases the deletion of the account does not oblige the Company to refund the fee.


The basic rules for ads


The User has the right to upload ads presenting their products, services and jobs on the Page. The language of the ads can be: Romanian, Hungarian, English and German.

The User may upload, edit and delete ads, has the right to manage, modify or delete his own account. Each User will only have access to their own account and will only be able to edit their own content. Any abuse can have legal consequences.

Uploaded ads will automatically appear on the Page, and will be visible from the day of posting until they are deleted or until the account is suspended / deleted.

The ads can be uploaded exclusively by the User, and the Company reserves the right to verify that they comply with the Regulation, whether they are real and legal. Otherwise, the Company is entitled to delete the ad and suspend / delete the account, depending on the gravity of the situation.

Ads may not have a general PR / marketing content, they must provide concrete information about specific products, services or jobs.

Category: The ad will be uploaded in the category that fits the product or the service the most. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to move the ad to the appropriate category, if applicable. Products and services that do not fit into the same category should be published in separate ads.

It is not allowed to publish more articles (products / services) in the same ad, unless they are offered in a package or they are closely related to each other. Publishing the same article in multiple ads, categories, or areas is prohibited.

Content: The ad must contain a detailed and realistic description of the product, service or job. The text must comply with the general rules of etiquette, for example avoiding the continuous capitalization (caps lock), unjustified abbreviations, obscene, vulgar, degrading, xenophobic expressions. Copying other ads is prohibited, they are protected by intellectual property rights.

The photos in the ads must illustrate the products or services, they may not contain addresses of other web pages, any texts or watermarks and they cannot be illegal or immoral. The unauthorized use of copyright-protected photos and photos taken from online catalogues is also forbidden.

Jobs: Only real, full or part time, legally registered vacancies are allowed on the Siconomy page. It is therefore forbidden to promote "work at home online" or MLM offers. Also, it is forbidden to promote sexual or erotic work. It is essential to indicate the name of the position and the an accurate description of the duties and tasks.

If the product, service, or job vacancy is no longer available, delete the ad.


Restrictions and prohibitions


The content of the ad may not be illegal, dishonest, deceptive, immoral or against good manners. Products that cannot be marketed in Romania are prohibited on the Page. Also, it is forbidden to promote products / services that help committing crimes or fellonies.

Examples: counterfeit, stolen goods, items related to crimes, drugs, weapons, pyrotechnic or dangerous materials, gambling, sexual services, false documents, products or services that offer illegal access to technical and digital tools, illegal surveillance , illegal services that promise professional qualifications or academic titles, dishonest financial transactions, trafficking personal data, pornography, non-original software, vouchers / subscriptions / nominal checks, content that promotes prohibited ideologies or violates fundamental human rights, etc.

The Company reserves the right to remove such ads without any prior notification, as well as ads that infringe intellectual rights. It is also forbidden to harm the reputation and interests of the Company.

Abusive, non-compliant use of the Page is prohibited, as well as any digital intervention (hacking) which could modify the Page without the Company's consent, or could jeopardize the Services and may lead to server failure.




The user is solely responsible for the content and lawfulness of the ads. The Company excludes any liability for any damage/disadvantage created by the information provided incorrectly or omitted by the User. The company reserves the right to moderate the ads.

If the Company considers that an ad breaks the Regulation, it is entitled and obliged to remove it, as well as to suspend / delete the User’s account, depending on the gravity of the situation.

If the User's activity contravenes the law, the Company is entitled and obliged to take measures to pursue the User. To achieve this, the Company collaborates with the authorities.

If a person or authority complains the User for abusive behavior, the Company may request the User to comply with the measures imposed and repair any damage caused to the Company.


Fees and payment


Prices vary depending on the category of the legal entity and the contract period :


Small businesses

6 months – 60 RON

9 months – 90 RON

12 months – 75 RON  


Medium and large companies

6 months - 120 RON

9 months – 180 RON

12 months – 150 RON  



6 months – 60 RON

9 months – 90 RON

12 months – 75 RON  


Registration at the User’s request: +30 RON

The prices are displayed at gross value. The company reserves the right to change prices at any time, but the new prices do not apply to ongoing contracts.

The User can pay online by card, during his registration on the Page. The order and payment will be confirmed by e-mail at the address given by the User. The account will be activated and the Services will be provided immediately after payment is confirmed or on the first working day the latest. The Company excludes any liability for errors that may arise when processing the online payment or due to the email address given by the User.

The order can be interrupted at any time, without any obligation, before pressing the "Pay" button, so the User can withdraw from the conclusion of the contract, but will not be able to do so if using the Services has already begun.

After payment, the Company will issue an electronic invoice on the User's behalf and will send it to the given e-mail address.

If the user account is created by the Company, on request, payment is possible by bank transfer.

The Company may be obliged to refund the fees only if providing the Services was not possible due to technical or human reasons attributable to the Company.

The contract between the Company and the User will be considered terminated if the account is deleted at the initiative of either party. This is also possible if the contract period is overdue and not extended or the Regulation has been breached. The fee will not be refunded if the termination of the contract is attributable to the User.


Data protection


The User accepts that data provided during registration will be stored and processed by the Company in order to fulfill the contract and for the proper operation of the Page. The Company guarantees that it will not use the provided data for any other purpose and will not share it with any third party, except the authorities, at their request.

By providing the data during registration, the User gives its consent to receive marketing offers (by e-mail or telephone) from the Company. This consent may be withdrawn at any time by request sent to the Company by e-mail.


Complaints, customer relations


The user will be able to send his complaints and messages in writing, by e-mail, to the Company's address, namely : …………………

The company will respond as soon as possible to all requests of the User, within the time limit stipulated by the law for consumer protection.

The User also has the right to transmit its complaint to the authorities responsible for consumer protection and telecommunications.

In case the User / Visitor finds illegal content on the Page, the Company wishes to be notified about it. The Company may remove any inappropriate content but also reserves the right to reject unjustified claims.

Final provisions


The Company reserves the right to modify the Regulations at any time and is obliged to notify all users immediately of any changes. By continuing to use the Services, the User tacitly agrees to the new Regulation.